CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G

CarProTec Fusion Transparent Shadow

CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G Initial Setup "Quick Guide"

Our CarPro-Tec Quick Guide provides you with 3 easy steps to correctly secure your vehicle with CarPro-Tec and easily connect it to your smartphone.

CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G - User Manual

Please use the CarPro-Tec quick start guide for the initial setup of your new CarPro-Tec. For detailed configuration options, this comprehensive user manual will assist you.

Accessories & Sensors

Instructions for Sensors & Accessories

Here you will find a detailed and illustrated guide to all our sensors and accessory components.

CarPro-Tec 2022

CarPro-Tec 2022 "QuickGuide" Quick Start Guide

Our CarPro-Tec QuickGuide provides you with 3 simple steps to correctly secure your vehicle with CarPro-Tec and easily connect it to your smartphone.

CarPro-Tec 2022 User Manual

The CarPro-Tec manual provides detailed information about all the functions of your CarPro-Tec 2022. Here are some topics covered in the manual:

Charging your integrated Sim2 Prepaid SIM Card (Sim2 Call&SMS) - CarPro-Tec 2022 (old version

Learn step by step how to easily recharge your integrated "Sim2: Call/SMS World SIM Card" from home.

NIGHT: Can I stay in the vehicle when CarPro-Tec is armed (night security)?

DOG: Does CarPro-Tec work if my dog is in the motorhome?

SIM CARD: Do I need my own SIM card? Costs?

Accessories & Sensors: Are there additional sensors available for CarProTec?

Power Supply: Can I provide continuous power to CarPro-Tec?

Battery: How long does the battery last?

Signal Jammer: Is the alarm system jammer-proof? What if burglars use a jammer/radio signal blocker?

TriGasPro Power Supply: How is the TriGasPro combination detector powered?

BALANCE CHECK for the previous version CarPro-Tec 2022 How can I check the balance of my Call&SMS SIM card (Sim2 - Lebara prepaid card)?

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