It's time: Our new CarPro-Tec FUSION 4G is here!

Our latest version of CarPro-Tec will finally be available after a long wait, starting from April 24, 2023! Secure your CarPro-Tec FUSION today by placing an early pre-order.

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Can CarPro-Tec get any better?

Yes! Three significant changes:
Larger Battery

Double the power! With a battery twice as large, CarPro-Tec Fusion can now protect your vehicle autonomously for over 4 weeks, even during a power outage.

4G/LTE + New Mobile Network Connectivity

CarPro-Tec Fusion comes with permanent mobile network connectivity, with no additional costs for you. It now communicates with all major network providers, selecting the strongest available signal. This ensures maximum network coverage and timely alarm notifications.

New App

Our new CarPro-Tec Fusion App combines alarm features and all GPS tracking functions into a single app*. From speed monitoring and a 12-month travel history to geofence surveillance – it's all in one place.

*Available for both Android and iOS.

What can the CarPro-Tec FUSION 4G do?

Our new CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique and high-quality alarm system that securely monitors your vehicle for break-ins and theft, and immediately informs you of any suspicious activity through our new CarPro-Tec Fusion App (mobile connectivity included).

CarPro-Tec Fusion combines 4 surveillance areas into a single device, allowing it to be placed and used in any vehicle, regardless of size, age, or manufacturer, without the need for extensive installation or annoying wiring, thanks to its discreet size. Simply use an available USB port or the existing DC connector/cigarette lighter for power. With an additional built-in internal battery, CarPro-Tec Fusion can protect your vehicle even during a power outage for over 4 weeks.

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Why is CarPro-Tec FUSION the right choice?

•Unique plug-and-play 4-in-1 alarm system that secures your entire vehicle by simply placing it inside.

• No integration into the CAN-bus system required.

• Monitors your entire vehicle in the areas of doors and windows, and hatches, towing or driving away, and GPS location data.

• Your system is always fully configured and ready for use when delivered to you.

• Maximum network coverage through integrated 4G mobile connectivity for all networks without any ongoing costs.

• No specialized knowledge required for setup, with quick and easy installation through a 3-step QuickGuide.

• Receive alarm notifications securely via the app, as well as text message* and email* with additional GPS location data for your vehicle.

• Perfect synergy of alarm system and GPS tracker.

• Extremely loud internal siren with 110dB.

• Integrated battery ensures the device's function even during a power outage for up to 4 weeks.

• Expandable at any time with additional sensors and accessories.

• Future-proof thanks to a modular design (hardware upgradeable).

• Easy to transfer when changing vehicles (no permanent installation required).

• German quality product manufactured in Gommern, Germany with a free service hotline +493337-4589550

* (coming soon).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are additional door/window sensors available?

If you want security, do it right! (Optional, not mandatory!)
In general, the CarPro-Tec Fusion secures the entire interior of your vehicle using the integrated infrasound sensor, monitoring doors and windows based on changes in air pressure inside. This ensures a basic level of security for your vehicle.

However, in our view, an alarm system is only complete when at least the potentially most vulnerable areas of your vehicle (entry door, driver/passenger door) are additionally secured with redundant magnetic contacts. This double security reduces the likelihood of human and technical failures to a minimum.

But even for remote external hatches, such as those in the storage area of your motorhome, such magnetic contacts are mandatory to include them in the surveillance.

The often-separate gas hatch, which is separate from the interior, can also be reliably monitored in this way.

Trust is good, a 3-year warranty is definitely better!

We are confident that we deliver quality. Each CarPro-Tec Fusion is manufactured in Gommern, Germany and undergoes comprehensive functional testing before being delivered to you.

If something still doesn't work as expected, please know that we are here for you. Our support team will assist you until your issue is resolved. We are a company driven by passion.

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Your data is secure!

We are a German company with production and customer service near Magdeburg. Every CarPro-Tec 2022 communicates exclusively with our servers in Germany. This ensures the non-disclosure of your tracking data.

Expandable for additional security areas

Thanks to our constantly expanding CarPro-Tec ecosystem, you can always expand your CarPro-Tec Fusion with various security areas. From personal safety with sensors such as smoke & gas detectors, water sensors, or fire & heat sensors to outdoor monitoring of your e-bike, e-scooter, or satellite dish with our integrated CarPro-Tec Outdoor Theft Sensor.