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Wireless Water Detector
"Water: the Camper's Greatest Enemy"

A water damage occurring too late or unnoticed in the caravan can not only ruin the holiday but turn into an absolute nightmare.

A defect in the electronics and swollen wood are just the tip of the iceberg. An unnoticed water leak can even cause dangerous and irreparable damage such as short circuits or cable fires.

Securing your caravan against unwanted moisture is therefore an essential investment in your own safety and in the long-term value retention of your rolling home.

The acquisition of this water alarm is not proportional to the possible damages that such a scenario can entail and is therefore, from our point of view, actually indispensable as a camper owner.

Reliable Monitoring, Early Warning

The CarPro-Tec Wireless Water Alarm is your reliable guardian. It monitors areas such as the surroundings of the shower tray, the area of the water tank, as well as, for example, the surroundings of the water filling nozzle. As soon as the spring-mounted sensor heads detect unwanted water leakage, a quick, reliable alarm is triggered locally, as well as an optional notification directly to your smartphone if the alarm system is active.

Easy Installation and Operation

The installation of the CarPro-Tec Water Alarm could not be simpler. No complex wiring or complicated configurations. Simply place it near the floor, turn it on, and be assured that water will not be a problem for you during your vacation.

The Advantages at a Glance:

• Security: Early alerting of leaks in your caravan & (optional) immediate notification to your smartphone.
• Plug&Play: Easy placement anywhere in the camper.
• Reliability: Precise sensor heads detect even the smallest moisture.
• Cost savings: Protects assets and prevents expensive repairs.

Put an end to worries about possible water damage in your caravan. Invest in your protection and enjoy worry-free travels with the CarPro-Tec Wireless Water Alarm. Order today as a single unit or as an addition to your CarPro-Tec alarm system!

Package Contents:
1 x Wireless Water Alarm
2 x Magnetic Pad