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Comprehensive Camper Protection

CarPro-Tec for Motorhomes & Caravans

Cargo Truck Security System

Enhanced Safety for Drivers and Vehicles

CARPRO-TEC for Cargo Trucks

Sovereign protection for your Vanlife:

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Comprehensive Vehicle Protection

Protect your vehicle from break-ins and theft with CarPro-Tec.

CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G Einzelansicht Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz
  • Securing doors, windows, and hatches.

  • Monitoring for dangerous gases.

  • Detection of vibrations and glass breakage.

  • GPS localization, including geofence zone monitoring.

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Plug & Play

No professional installation required: Your CarPro-Tec is always delivered pre-configured.

Includes 4G/LTE Connectivity

Thanks to permanent mobile connectivity (with no ongoing costs), secure app alerts are sent directly to your smartphone at any time.

Glass Break Detection

CarPro-Tec detects glass breakage and vibrations through the integrated room volume sensor. In addition, doors and windows are redundantly monitored.


Integrated battery ensures device functionality even during power outages.

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Personal Consultation

Book your personal consultation with us here and receive individual, free advice tailored to your vehicle.

Made in Germany

We are a German company with manufacturing and customer service near Magdeburg. Every CarPro-Tec exclusively communicates with our own servers in Germany, ensuring that your tracking data is never shared.

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Trust is good, 3 years of warranty are definitely better!

CarPro-Tec WhiteLine Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz
CarPro-Tec WhiteLine Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz

CarPro-Tec for Motorhomes & Caravans

Make it difficult for thieves and protect your vehicle with CarPro-Tec Camper Sets at home and on the go.

CarPro-Tec Wohnmobil Pärchen Telefon Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz
CarPro-Tec WhiteLine Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz

CarPro-Tec for Trucks

Reliable Protection for Drivers and Cargo.

CarPro-Tec LKW Schutz Fahrer Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz