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Comprehensive Protection for Campers

Protect your motorhome and caravan from break-ins and theft with CarPro-Tec.

CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G Einzelansicht Einbruchschutz Diebstahlschutz
  • Monitors doors, windows, and hatches

    Our special door/window contacts with an extra-wide magnet gap ensure reliable monitoring of all doors, windows, hatches, and skylights for unauthorized opening, even while you're inside the camper.

  • Gas Leak Monitoring

    As a camper on the road, protect yourself from dangers such as gas leaks (butane, propane, carbon monoxide), as well as the risk of anesthesia gas attacks, fires, and smoke development.

  • Detects Vibration and Glass Breakage

    Any external force, like glass breakage or vandalism, is promptly detected through the integrated room volume sensor and reported to you immediately.

  • GPS Tracking & Location Monitoring

    Any attempts to tow or drive your camper away are detected early and reported to you via the app. In case of an emergency, your vehicle can be immediately located using the integrated GPS tracker.

CarPro-Tec - Security for Campers

Our new CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique and high-quality alarm system that securely monitors your camper for break-ins and theft, instantly notifying you of any suspicious activity through our CarPro-Tec Fusion app (with built-in mobile connectivity).

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Monitoring made easy!

CarPro-Tec Fusion can be placed and used in any vehicle, regardless of size, age, or make, with minimal installation effort and without the hassle of wiring.

Power it through a USB port or the existing DC connector/cigarette lighter. With its additional built-in internal battery, CarPro-Tec Fusion autonomously protects your vehicle for up to 4 weeks** in case of a power outage.

Tutorial: Ersteinrichtung

In diesem Video erklären wir euch detailliert Schritt für Schritt Einbau, Konfiguration und App-Anbindung unserer CarPro-Tec Fusion.

Looking for personalized advice for you and your camper?

Benefit from our extensive experience in the security industry and learn (at no cost, of course) how to best protect yourself and your vehicle.

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Protect the Exterior!

Shield your e-bike, e-scooter, satellite dish, grill, or stroller with our additional sensor (already included in the camp set).

  • Easy to Use

    Utilize our outdoor sensor just like a regular bicycle lock.

  • Day and Night

    Safeguard all your belongings that have to stay outside the camper overnight, regardless of the weather.

  • Weatherproof

    Come rain or shine, use our outdoor sensor to protect your camping equipment in any weather.

  • Wireless

    Your CarPro-Tec is wirelessly informed of theft attempts by the outdoor sensor and immediately triggers an alarm.


Why is CarPro-Tec FUSION the right choice?

• Monitors your camper in the areas of doors, hatches, windows, storage, and gas flaps, as well as the position of your vehicle.

• Alarm notifications through the app, text message*, and email with additional GPS location data of your vehicle sent to defined user groups.

• No expertise required for setup, with a quick and easy installation in just 3 steps.

• No integration into the CAN-Bus system required.

• Includes vibration and glass breakage detection without additional sensors.

• Maximum network coverage with integrated 4G multi-network mobile connectivity with no subsequent costs.

• Extremely loud interior siren at 110dB.

• Integrated battery secures monitoring in case of power failure for stand-by times of up to 4 weeks**.

• Easily expandable with additional sensors and accessories.

• Your system is always fully configured and ready for use upon delivery.

• Perfect synergy between the alarm system and GPS tracker.

• Easy to transfer to a different vehicle (no permanent installation required).

• German quality product manufactured in Gommern, Germany with a free service hotline at +493337-4589550

* Coming soon
** when the vehicle is parked (standby mode of the 4G module). While driving or staying in the vehicle (4G module active), the battery life is approximately 3-4 days.

CarProTec Fusion Schatten Version

Alarm Notifications

via App

Use our CarPro-Tec FUSION app and receive immediate notifications of any alarm with the current location.

via text message

Upon detecting a break-in attempt, you can opt to receive a text message with the current location of your vehicle via a Google Maps link.

via E-Mail

CarPro-Tec immediately sends an email to your registered address when suspicious activity is detected.


CarProTec Fusion Schatten Version
  • Plug & Play

    No configuration needed: your CarPro-Tec is delivered fully pre-configured.

  • Fail-Safe

    Integrated battery ensures device functionality without an external power source for up to 4 weeks**.

  • Includes 4G-LTE

    Thanks to continuous mobile connectivity, you receive secure app alerts directly on your smartphone at any time.

  • Glass Break Detection

    Reliably detects incidents like glass breakage due to break-ins or vandalism.

Components in Detail:

CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G

Our CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique and high-quality alarm system that securely monitors your vehicle for break-ins and theft even while you're in the camper. It promptly informs you of any suspicious activity through our CarPro-Tec Fusion app when you're away (free multi-network mobile connectivity included).

CarPro-Tec Fusion combines several monitoring areas in a single device. With the 4G-LTE module and the integrated GPS tracker, your vehicle's position is instantly monitored when in motion. Simultaneously, the unique room volume sensor reliably detects vibrations, vandalism, and even glass breakage.

CarProTec Fusion Schatten Version

Door/Window Contacts

Protect the potentially vulnerable access points of your camper (entrance door, driver/passenger doors, and rear garage/storage room) with the five included magnetic contacts. These contacts secure your vehicle's entrances against unauthorized opening. Furthermore, CarPro-Tec's integrated room volume sensor monitors the doors and windows of your camper for glass breakage and forced openings simultaneously, providing redundant security.

This dual protection minimizes the likelihood of human or technical failure to a minimum. Optionally, use additional magnetic contacts to monitor additional areas of your camper, such as external storage compartments, windows, roof hatches, or the gas flap with CarPro-Tec.

Tuer-Fensterkontakt - CarProTec

Theft Sensor Outdoor

Protect not only your vehicle but also the items that don't fit inside and must stay outside during your vacation, like e-bikes, satellite dishes, strollers, and other camping equipment, using the included Outdoor Theft Sensor in the set. CarPro-Tec Fusion alerts you if someone interferes with your property, ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises the next day.

Customizable with Additional Security Zones

Thanks to our ever-expanding CarPro-Tec ecosystem, you can easily expand your CarPro-Tec Fusion with various security zones. This includes personal safety with sensors such as smoke and gas detectors, water sensors, or fire and heat sensors, as well as outdoor surveillance of your e-bike, e-scooter, or satellite dish with our integrated CarPro-Tec Outdoor Theft Sensor.


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