Fahrzeugdiebstahl an der Costa Brava

Vehicle Theft on the Costa Brava

We will probably never forget 23 September. Sitges on the Costa Brava, a good 100 kilometres from Barcelona. We had parked the motorhome in a posh suburb a good 500 metres from the beach and the police drove through the one-way street several times. All good. Or so we thought. But after returning from swimming, the vehicle was no longer there, stolen. We hadn't armed the CarPro-Tec alarm system. Perhaps this would have prevented the break-in and the theft. However, the thieves would then have searched for the system, found it and switched it off. But they hadn't found it as it was, as the system is really easy to hide.

The vehicle could then be located in Villafranca della Penedes, around 30 kilometres away, using the GPS signal. The police drove to the car park in an unmarked car and watched the whole thing for a good hour in the hope that the crooks would return.

We got the campervan back two hours later. The interior looked terrible, but the vehicle was OK so far. It would probably have been moved the next day. The licence plate had been tampered with, without the B from BE we were then "Esseners", even the fine dust stickers had been removed.

Conclusion: without CarPro-Tec, we would no longer have a motorhome. Two weeks later, at the Hahnenkamm mountain station above Kitzbühel, the alarm on the camper van went off and we were able to send the car park attendant down in the valley to the car,


Abgekratzte Feinstaubplakette.
Armaturenbrett eines Wohnwagens, aus dem das Autoradio gestohlen wurde.
Jeans und Badutensilien liegen in einem Waschbecken. Fotografiert durch einen zerbrochenen Spiegel.
Wohnbereich eines geplünderten Wohnwagens. Auf dem Boden liegen Zeitschriften, Anleitungen und verschiedene Utensilien und Handtücher.



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