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Continuous Power Supply via the 12V Vehicle Electrical System Voltage

The 12V/24V USB vehicle electrical adapter is an alternative method for directly tapping into the 12V vehicle electrical system to provide continuous power to the CarPro-Tec. It converts the 12V/24V USB vehicle electrical voltage into the required 5V supply voltage (12V/24V USB -->5V). We recommend making the connection to a 12V continuous power source, as turning off the 12V main switch may deactivate the power supply of the vehicle electrical adapter in some cases.

To do this, connect the provided charging cable of the CarPro-Tec to the USB port of the 12V/24V USB vehicle electrical adapter.


Before installation, please check for possible warranty voids with your vehicle manufacturer or consider using a professional workshop for the installation. Alternatively, use our 5V Power Station to ensure a continuous power supply, even during extended periods of inactivity.

Package Contents:

1 x 12V USB Vehicle Electrical Adapter (12V/24V-->5V)

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