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  • Highly resistant to false alarms due to Dual PIR technology
  • Includes pet detection (<15Kg)
  • Battery-powered (12-15 months)
  • Can be manually deactivated at any time
  • Includes ball joint mount and magnetic pad (70mm)

Enhanced Interior Security

With our special Dual PIR motion sensor, you'll get increased interior monitoring of your vehicle. In addition to the integrated CarPro-Tec room volume sensor, your interior is further monitored with our motion sensor (redundant security). When the CarPro-Tec is active and you're inside the vehicle, the motion detector can be deactivated at any time.

To significantly enhance the false alarm resistance of our motion detector, our Dual Sensor incorporates two independently operating PIR sensors (Passive Infrared Sensor), special analysis software, and pet immunity protection. An alarm is triggered only when both PIR sensors simultaneously detect a moving heat source (a person). Pets weighing up to 15 KG are ignored. The sensitivity of the PIR sensors is automatically adjusted to the ambient temperature, ensuring consistent monitoring stability.

Dual-Bewegungsmelder-CarPro-Tec   Dual-Bewegungsmelder-CarPro-Tec2

The intelligent software conserves battery power by initially switching to a resting state after detecting motion and remaining in that state until no further motion is detected for 1 minute. This ensures that the motion sensor doesn't constantly transmit signals with every movement, significantly extending the battery life.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions (B x H x L): 11 x 5.7 x 4.2 cm
Battery-Powered (2 x AA Batteries)
Monitoring Angle: approximately 120°
Range: approximately 8 meters

Package Contents:
1 x Dual PIR Motion Sensor
1 x 70mm Magnetic Pad
1 x Ball Joint Mount

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