Cable Interior Siren - CarPro-Tec

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Our Loudest!

This is the original cable siren for indoor use that is already included in the CarPro-Tec package. Use this as a replacement or an additional siren in conjunction with your CarPro-Tec.

Please note that this model with 110 dB/A is extremely loud, so avoid unnecessary proximity to the active siren during initial setup and possible testing.

Kabel-Innensirene-CarPro-Tec Kabel-Innensirene-CarPro-Tec2

Technical Specifications:

Cable Length: 70cm
Volume: 110dB/A
Power Supply: 9/15V DC via Jack
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm (Diameter x Height)

Package Contents:

1 x Cable Interior Siren