Magnet Door-/Window Contact - CarPro-Tec

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In addition to the CarPro-Tec room monitoring (room volume sensor), you can also place additional door-/window contacts if necessary.


These are simply stuck to the respective location and from this moment on, when CarPro-Tec is switched on, they also monitor particularly endangered areas. In the event of unauthorized opening, the alarm is triggered when CarPro-Tec is active.

carpro-tec-tk window   carpro-tec-tk2

Use the magnetic contacts to secure even distant or external storage flaps and outside storage with CarPro-Tec. The gas flap, which is often present and located separately from the interior, can also be reliably monitored.

carprotec-tk   carpro-tec-tk5


carprotec-tk   carpro-tec-tk5

Dimensions in cm (WxHxL):
3,0 x 1,4 x 6,5

Scope of Delivery:
1 x Door-/Window Contact for CarPro-Tec
1 x Magnet
1 x CR2450 Button Cell