CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G Motorhome & Caravan Alarm System with GPS Tracking including SIM Card "Safety Plus Set"

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Safety Plus Set:

"Safe travels with CarPro-Tec Fusion"
Our "Safety Plus Set" is specifically designed for your needs in motorhomes, camping vans, and caravans. Through the perfect combination of CarPro-Tec Fusion and specially selected additional sensors, the "Safety Plus Set" covers security needs for camping, including areas such as robbery, break-ins, and theft surveillance.

What does the "Safety Plus Set" include?

1 x CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G with GPS tracker
1 x Permanent 4G multi-network mobile connection (no recurring costs)
2 x Wireless Remote Controls
1 x Cable Indoor Siren
1 x Status Arming LED

Plus, additionally with the Plus Set:

5 x Door/window contacts
1 x Theft Sensor Outdoor (5m)
1 x LED Warning Sign

Components in Detail:
1 x CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G
Our CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique and high-quality alarm system that securely monitors your vehicle even during your stay in the camper. In your absence, it immediately informs you of any suspicious activity through our CarPro-Tec Fusion app (with free multi-network mobile connectivity included).

CarPro-Tec Fusion combines several monitoring areas into a single device. The 4G LTE module and integrated GPS tracker instantly monitor the vehicle's position during movement. Simultaneously, the unique room volume sensor reliably detects vibrations, vandalism, and even glass breakage.

Furthermore, CarPro-Tec can be easily placed and used in any vehicle, regardless of size, age, or manufacturer, without extensive installation or cumbersome wiring. Simply use an available USB port or the existing DC connector/cigarette lighter for power supply. With the additional built-in battery, CarPro-Tec Fusion can protect your caravan for up to 4 weeks* even in the event of a power outage.

5 x Door-/Window Contacts
Protect the potentially most vulnerable access points of your camping vehicle (entry door, driver/passenger doors, and outside storage) with the five included magnetic contacts. These contacts secure your vehicle's access points against unauthorized openings. In addition, the integrated room volume sensor of CarPro-Tec simultaneously monitors doors and windows of your caravan for glass breakage and forced entry, providing redundant security.

This dual security measure minimizes the likelihood of both human and technical failures.

You can optionally use additional magnetic contacts to monitor other areas of your camper, such as windows, skylights, external storage hatches, or the gas flap with CarPro-Tec.

1 x Theft Sensor Outdoor
Protect items left outside your vehicle during your vacation, such as e-bikes, satellite dishes, strollers, and other camping accessories, with the included Outdoor Theft Sensor. CarPro-Tec Fusion will alert you as soon as someone interferes with your property, ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises the next day.

1 x LED Warning Sign
Effective protection against robberies, break-ins, and theft starts with a deterrent effect on the exterior. Following our external wireless siren, our LED Warning Sign provides the most noticeable preventive measure. The LED warning sign is affixed to your camper's entry door window with an adhesive pad. This signalizes from a distance that the owner has taken precautions against robberies and break-ins. In many cases, perpetrators prefer to target an unprotected vehicle.

What can CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G do?
Our new CarPro-Tec Fusion is a unique and high-quality alarm system that effectively monitors your camper for break-ins and theft and immediately notifies you of any suspicious activity through our new CarPro-Tec Fusion app (with mobile connectivity already included).

CarPro-Tec Fusion can be installed and used in any vehicle without significant installation effort or cumbersome wiring, regardless of size, age, or manufacturer, thanks to its discreet size. Simply use an available USB port or the existing DC connector/cigarette lighter for power supply. With the additional built-in internal battery, CarPro-Tec Fusion protects your vehicle for up to 4 weeks in the event of a power outage.

Why is CarPro-Tec Fusion the right choice?

  • Monitors your vehicle's interior areas, including doors, hatches, windows, and movements, as well as your vehicle's position.
  • Sends alarm notifications through the app, text message, and email with additional GPS location data of your vehicle to defined user groups.
  • No specialized knowledge required for setup, and fast and easy installation with a 3-Step-QuickGuide.
  • No integration into the CAN-Bus System required.
  • Includes vibration and glass breakage detection without additional sensors.
  • Maximum network coverage with integrated 4G multi-network mobile connectivity at no additional cost
  • Extremely loud interior siren at 110dB.
  • Integrated battery ensures monitoring in case of a power outage for up to 4 weeks**.
  • Expandable at any time with additional sensors and accessories.
  • Your system is always fully configured and ready for use when delivered to you.
  • Perfect interplay between the alarm system and GPS tracker.
  • Easy to transfer when changing vehicles (no permanent installation required).
  • German quality product manufactured in Gommern with a free service hotline at +493337-4589550.

*available with our next app update
**With the vehicle parked (standby mode) and CarPro-Tec armed, the battery life is approximately 4 weeks (4G module in standby mode). While driving (4G module active), the battery life is reduced to about 3-4 days.

Expand Your "Safety Plus Set" with Useful Accessories:
With our continuously growing CarPro-Tec ecosystem, you can always enhance your CarPro-Tec Fusion with additional security features. Whether it's more magnetic contacts, accessories like an additional external siren, or expanding interior monitoring with water sensors or motion detectors, to our latest innovative 4G camera, which monitors your camper while you're away and allows you to check on things from a distance.

Do you want our best camper set?
Click here for the "Safety Premium Set" with additional personal safety through fire detection and multi-gas detection for gases such as butane, propane, CO gas, and knockout narcotic gases.

4G Connectivity in all Networks:

The CarPro-Tec Fusion comes preconfigured with active 4G mobile connectivity.

CarPro-Tec Fusion communicates with all major providers and generally selects the strongest available network. This ensures maximum network coverage and the ability to send alarm notifications to you in case of an emergency.

No Follow-Up Costs:
There are no subscription fees, licensing costs, or other mobile network charges for you. The CarPro-Tec Fusion is cost-free for the entire duration of your use.

CarPro-Tec from the "FUSION 4G" version onwards comes pre-configured with active 4G mobile connectivity that can communicate with almost all networks and in almost all countries. A precondition for this is the LTE-M data network (see country list).

Should your CarPro-Tec, in exceptional cases at the time of attack or break-in, not have network coverage available, your vehicle remains fully protected locally without this network reception.

Only the notification to your smartphone would be resent with a delay once new network reception is available.

LTE-M | Map of Countries

LTE-M | List of Countries:
(as of 10/20/2023)

Denmark Poland Switzerland Austria
Romania France Spain Ireland Norway Sweden
Finland Estonia Latvia Netherlands
Belgium Australia

New Zealand


South Korea




Mexico Puerto Rico Argentina Luxembourg    

No recurring costs*:
You won't incur subscription, license, or other mobile network costs. The CarPro-Tec Fusion is free of recurring costs throughout your period of use.
*Exception: If you purchase additional text message packages beyond the inclusive 12 text message per year, additional one-time costs apply.

Trust is good; a 3-year warranty is definitely better!
We believe in delivering quality. Each individual CarPro-Tec Fusion is produced in Gommern and undergoes a comprehensive functional test before being delivered to you. If something doesn't work right away, we are here for you. Our support team will address your concerns until you're satisfied. We are a passionate company.

Package Contents of the Safety Plus Set in Detail:
1 x CarPro-Tec Fusion 4G with GPS Tracker - Dimensions: 100 x 140 x 32mm (WxLxH)
1 x CarPro-Tec 3-Step QuickGuide
1 x permanent 4G mobile connectivity
1 x Theft Sensor Outdoor (5m)
5 x Door-/Window Contacts
1 x LED Warning Sign
1 x Cable Interior Siren IS-01 (cable length approx. 70cm)
1 x 5m extension cable for siren (Jack)
1 x Status arming LED with 5m extension cable
1 x 2m USB Cable for Charging
2 x Remote Controls
1 x Magnetic Pad for easy attachment of CarPro-Tec Fusion

*Don't have a USB port or a DC connector/cigarette lighter in your vehicle? Then use the available CarPro-Tec Powerstation from the accessories to power your CarPro-Tec.

We are often asked:

Installation Location: Where should I place CarPro-Tec & Siren?

An appropriate mounting location for the CarPro-Tec is a discreet spot in your vehicle near the 12V power source (5V USB port if available), such as under the passenger seat, in the trunk, in the glove compartment, or in the motorhome/caravan under a seating area or in a cupboard.

We certainly don't want potential burglars to have easy and direct access to your CarPro-Tec.

Therefore, it's also important that you do not place the supplied siren, if you choose to use it, in close proximity to the CarPro-Tec but rather at a considerable distance from it and out of plain sight.

If the intruder does indeed intend to follow the very loud alarm signal (extremely loud) from the supplied siren as a result of their break-in, they might only find the siren in the end, and the CarPro-Tec's alert would remain active.

For more questions and answers of this kind, feel free to visit our support page at

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